#32 Coat Rack - Medium Oak w/ 3 Brackets
#32 Coat Rack - Light Oak w/ 3 Brackets#32 Coat Rack - Bronze w/ 3 Brackets#32 Coat Rack - Satin w/ 3 Brackets

The #32 shelf system is the same basic unit as the R1 shelf with the exception that the wall strip has been omitted. This system was created to be more economical as well as requiring one less step during installation. All shelves are custom built to length; however the series 30 hanger shelf systems are limited to 8’ and under.

See Blocking & Bracket Spacing for detailed spacing information.

View Series 30 Coat Rack Three Part Specifications.

Note: Only comes in lengths from 2' to 8'.

Coat Rack Information

6 1/2" (165mm)
2’ to 8'
12 7/8" (327mm)
Slat Color Options: 
  • Bronze(Powder Coated) Aluminum
  • Silver(Anodized)Aluminum
  • Light Oak
  • Medium Oak
  • Walnut
  • Unfinished Oak

Specs & Drawings